“Fight for Net Neutrality” plugin on your WordPress.com blog

Today I received quite a lot of concur-ant emails. First few opened stated to support ‘Net neutrality’, which I do; I should put the ‘Fight for Net Neutrality’ plugin on my blog.
I wonder how to go about doing that ?
That, among other things, is what I wonder tonight.

It’s almost half past eight. I am watching, as I do Tuesday evenings, another part of the series “The Great War” – that being the First World War. It has much archival footage, black and white including B. n W. pictures and early colour pictures.
How devastating was that war, and for the most part; how senseless. Much of it was called in thru petty arguments, envy, jealousy and other small misunderstandings between kings and heads of state – – While the working man was drawn by the thousands in to learn of the horrible new weapons recently and then quickly designed; gatling and machine guns, bombs from early airships and planes – mustard gas n more. Atrocious really – in many villages not a house or building were spared.
However, as a historical documentary, it is very good and finely done. [Knowledge Network] http://www.knowledge.ca

Enough for now . . . Best to all – Peace.


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