a Sunday later than Earlier . . .

20:27 – 14-9-2014. – Now- 21:17.

Winding down. A day with time on computer, some sports. Watched the 1st ever Electric Auto Race from Beijing – boy, could they move, and a climactic ending – Out a couple times and then over for a good supper; what else,  – – – reading more of this great book I found last week and now have hardly put down when I have had good light . . . “A Thousand Acres” by Jane Smiley. [Fawcett Columbine – N.Y.- 1991] – a great story of family and farm and love and dysfunction and growth. Yeah. A good and engaging tale, and it just gets better.

Now relaxing watching ‘Monarch of the Glen’ before ‘Waking the Dead’ – an edgy British mystery of cold cases, more class and less of something commercial and something else than the modern american forensic programs. To my view anyway.  Monday is generally a home day for me, catching up on things that I feel should be done or should have been done recently; thereby I often check what may be the late T.C.M. movie and sleep in a bit . . . tonight at 11:00 it is “Il sorpasso” – Italian 1962.  Looks interesting, I’ll intend to check it out.

i mean to get in the habit of doing this more often from this point.

. . . some great pics of Northern Lights, especially seen in Eastern Canada the last couple nights n more after the recent Solar Flares. I’ll try one more time to upload at least one but found some difficulty in trying . . .  They are available presently on     <http://www.CBC.ca/Community>       aurora-borealis-northern-lights-by-doug-mclean>

Bye all . . . ~



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