Black Coffee ~ The Irresistable Bean . . .

Monday Evening- 15-9-2014.

As in the program “Black Coffee” – ‘The Irresistible Bean’ – [2009] – after talking of coffee first grown in Ethiopia, beans then smuggled out under clothing to where it was taken to Yemen. From there, it then was grown and traded into Europe.

The industrious Dutch then also found the way to get some beans, which they cultivated, especially in Java and S.E. Asia – (Sumatra?)

Later, in Victorian Times in England and parts of Europe the Coffee Houses became a good and suitable meeting place for both women and men.

Purveyors of coffee knew enough to provide papers for people to keep up on and have news and opinions to share. Adding to this was the fact that coffee was legal and reasonable. These salons promoted democracy; although on the other hand, it by now being the Colonial era, coffee was also one backbone for great amounts of slavery.

At the same time that coffee was revolutionizing Europe, including the French Revolution being planned in Coffee houses . . . slavery was thriving. (sic)

This and other programs can be accessed at   <>   our Public Broadcaster.  Enjoy . . .

Notable, by numbers and people’s very real lives being directly affected; we at this time have a much larger number of people / including youth and children, who are held in forms of slavery all around the world. More than many people realize.

We still have a way, a long way, to go.       ~   thanx for reading    ~

aurora-borealis-northern-lights-by-doug-mcleanIMG_6262 copy


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