introduce thyself – thee n me . . .

22:09 – 14-9-2014.

Watching second part of “Waking the Dead.” One thing I like about this show is that each Sunday Part 2 continues after a short break from Part 1. That’s ‘handy’ . . .

Moi . . . human. Old enough to have been thru lots of it; the good n the other n the challenges n more. Made mis-takes, fallen down n got back up n back into the fray n more.

Started early life as a city boy; Arena, good size; Dad one of the four operators, me spending lots of time there when he didn’t make other arrangements – got to know it all n operation of – Hockey; Senior n Junior ‘A’ – Wrestling -that’s when it was a Sport n the gentlemen were some of the first to support n take on Children’s serious diseases [Cystic Fibrosis, more – more – n funding for; Music Events, Circus, more . . .  Pretty rough area but vibrant n alive. Plus; the river, other arena with all its great music – Mo-Town; the growth of Blues n Rock – more . . . grew up pretty fast. – fine.

Heard great black bands who were so happy to come across the river for a night or two before going back south or back to the City. Mo-town grew n became a dominant music source n sphere. This would help n would work well in developing a position as Arranger with a small number of quality bands. But – that’s later. Always moved with / by good music.

We move away but to another city . . . things are good but this is my fourth school and I haven’t hit Secondary yet. We go back to the original town for weekends regularly.

[Gas was so reasonable in those days, and we were always welcomed at the other end.] Days n nights on the roads together . . . great memories of joy n exhaustion n more.

Dad re-marries, as a man over 50 he is willing to marry a woman with 7 kids. That takes some kind of something as far as I am concerned. A good man n more.

We move immediately to a rural, mainly farming community. Fruit and vegetables and vineyards, as well as a growing industrial base. Small town – a new reality, but one that; after getting over the fact that it does not offer the same amenities as city life, does have its pleasures and intrigues.

I stay there three years. Then I join the Canadian Navy, just as soon as I passed the minimum age limit.

I sign up for Operations; I am not certain that I knew just why at the time; yet it turns out to be one of my better if not best decisions of my early adult life. It is a trade requiring intellect and fast thinking n requiring training n knowledge in navigating, operations, electronic equipment and electronic weaponry – excellent and I grew there in ways that I am still proud and satisfied of. Served during ‘The Cold War.’

That’s all a long time ago and yet I believe that it serves me well in Business Consulting and Strategic Logistics, for which I more recently trained and feel that I have a real knack for.

Also really enjoy the physicality of doing Maintenance, Landscaping, Gardening, Cleaning. Painting n more.

And , that is the last of this post, my second of tonight.

The first is titled something like “a Sunday, later after than Earlier . . . ”

Speedy Gopher gathering n picnic . . .

Speedy Gopher gathering n picnic . . .


Nite . . . more soon . . .








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