Nepal. Kathmandu.” Wired.”

and you thot you had lots of wires; even in New York City ?

Check out Natalia’s shots of Katmandu ~

Natalia Maks

The amount of wires and cables on the streets of Kathmandu can complete only with some Indian cities. They took over the skies and created their own very chaotic dark design. They draw my attention by creating the nests, or a net pattern against the houses or skies. This outdated urban necessity is still there, and you just have to unleash your imagination  and guess how many times the Nepali might have the power shortage due to those dangerous “Medusas”.

IMG_6094 copyIMG_6138 copyIMG_6243 copyIMG_6262 copyIMG_6367 copyIMG_6475 copyIMG_7518 copy IMG_6077 copyIMG_6073 copy

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  1. moi . . . just another thot to add. What a contrast to areas about where we live. Here we keep hearing, altho I admit I haven’t just lately; of ‘the bad guys’ taking down wires [quite dangerous actually] in order to retrieve the copper and sell it thru the recycling industry. This has happened to such an extent that whole wiring systems have been removed and replaced with wiring alloy(s) not as valuable or harder to get the copper out. ‘Scrap’ dealers have been forced to better audit metals being brought into their shops. C’est la vie {So it goes.}


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