a friend suggested the other day . . .

Tuesday, 16-9-2014.

I had a good visit with a friend Friday last. We had about an hour together, and spoke of a number of things . . . one thing I told him was that although I have a # of things that I would be happy to work at, projects, planning, fundraising, more; that I had to say that I have recently really enjoyed the physicality and the real-ness of doing straightforward work – – Maintenance, Cleaning, Painting, Gardening and more . . . and that I’d be happy to find more of that part time work.

He ended by saying . . . “Hey, some more of that work could be trying to catch up to you . . . it could be happening but you haven’t been caught up with yet . . . or it hasn’t quite caught up to you yet . . .

He ended by saying – “Look, with all things you have three choices; ‘You can change it, or you can accept it; or, you can leave it.’ ”

I have to agree – he has / had a really good point there. I could feel it.

Oh. there’s the other thing. Another friend knows that I like to read quality Science fiction and have a love of words. So, he stated – “I’ve got a word for you, let’s see if you know it  –  – It’s ‘propinquity’ – – you’ll like this one . . . ”


I’m going to leave that as that. But, we have all, or many of us have dealt with propinquity [pro-pink-qui-ty]  .


Know this word and it’s meaning ?

More soon.


IMG_7518 copy



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