short . . . . . the killing floor . . .

. . . watching, for the numerous and more time, a part of Platoon.

I consider that in my opinion to be one of if not the best movies portraying life on the killing floor. It draws me back to it every time I see it on ~ The Killing Floor.

Oh, yeah; I was moved by the immensity of Apocalypse Now – it’s a big movie; but, if one wants to see more how it was on the killing floor, Platoon does that from 1 to 10.

“`No time on the – killing floor . . . no time on – the killing floor . . . ‘ ”

” no time left to choose – no time left to choo-oose ” No time ! No time ! ”

as charlie sheen, in one of his last best parts ever said . .

” [I] think then; we did not really fight the enemy . . . we fought ourselves ”


They – fought an enemy that never really knew what it was that they wanted there; what it was they were fighting the indigenous peoples of Vietnam for; what they, the transgressors – wanted them to say that it was that they had come there for from a faraway country to fight the people who lived there for.

Did americans, really; the people from america, believe that they, the people of Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos; were of some type of communism that threatened the people from those countries ? Or, had it all once again started from yet another False Flag event. the locals felt they were never let in on the story . . .

The whole American might of 60’s to 70’s High tech Weaponry; with huge amounts of 1,000 pound and 10,000 pound bombings and napalm and the highest quality choppers available in the known world, carrying top quality machine gunnery and more, the military had to run with their tails between their legs as they tried to grab and take everything that they could from Saigon as it was being retaken by the Vietnamese people, As though, don’t get me wrong, seemingly as though they owned it.

Platoon. A quality movie. if it is possible that you have not seen it, or only a couple of times – check it out again : : there’s more than can be seen with one viewing . . .

No time for the Killing Floor.  no time for the Killing Floor . . .





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