Propinquity –

Thursday – 18th-9-2014.

Propinquity – word worth knowing. I would like to hope that most of us have experienced propinquity. There’s the Oxford; and there’s the way my friend explained . . . Patrick said

“You know how sometimes you go somewhere, and you start to feel that someone else holds aTech Thoughts Daily Tech News 2 same feeling, the same interest as you in something that’s important to you. A short time later, you might have developed a relationship together, you realize that it was your shared interest, that shared feeling for something important to you that brought you together.

Or, maybe it didn’t develop, but you know that you had that feeling. That feeling, that sharing; was propinquity. ”


Oh; the Oxford.

propinquity / ‘ pro’pmkwiti ‘ 1. nearness in space; proximity. 2. close kinship

3. similarity . . . Latin – from prope or ‘near to’

nite all . . .





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