Away from Her . . . 2006- Julie Christie- Gordon Pincent.

Away form Her                                                                                       23-9-2014.

‘Away from Her’.  Yes, a movie, a movie of true depth and feeling and more . . but something more – one feels the feeling of ; especially, Gordon Pincent.

Yes; we are in Nova Scotia; a special place that any who can should try to experience.  This movie was up for a # of awards, I can’t remember if it won the year it was out. I believe they won best actors.

Premise n more . . .

Your wife; who you have loved for so many years, and she of you as far as you have always understood, has been diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s.

You don’t want to, but finally you allow her to be put in the facility that you understand; are told time and time again is the best place for the wife that you; that I, love. [I have stepped for only a moment out of / into, the movie.]

Then; you realize, [this is the quality movie you are watching, made in Nova Scotia] ; that your wife, Fiona, who you have been married to for over 45 years, has taken on a man friend, another Alzheimer’s patient, a male client / patient, who she appears to be giving all day long attention to. You see this every time that you visit over a short time . . . { In an american movie this would likely lead to straightforward murder or hiring an assassin . . . } – but, this is not an american movie; instead, we are going to actually deal with it, the reality of what is . . .

Apparently both Julie Christie and Gordon Pincent won Oscars for this performance.

We, any of us; should be so lucky, to experience a love of this magnitude.

” In good times and in bad; in sickness and in health . . . ”

nite ~





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