The 1st World War

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World War I

The Ottoman Empire was, unknown to most, virtually bankrupt; yet acted as an empire nevertheless. acting as though they had right to empire.


Local men still said prayers for the ‘incariss’ [sp?]   “I am returning to Constantinople – believing we shall still win our battle.”

The Armenians were deported – without sufficient means of transport, or help otherwise . . . so many many died . . .

“1.000’s have been sent away with no help in making it out alive – even those who made it out alive had very little chance of survival”- the Turks deny the charge . .

The flagship was hit by a variety of shells – the allied ships were sitting ‘ducks.’

Three battleships were sunk that day – the Anzacs of Australia were jammed in to an untenable land position – would later be slaughtered after being positioned in an impossible place from which to fight – the brave Australians would fight to the death at an area later known as Galliopli.  They were brave beyond measure.

Bad logistics and Brit planning – the colour on the beach turned red with the Aussies blood; . . . oh, the Aussies killed many many Turks, who they then came to consider their deathly enemy . . . the Turks lost 10.000 dead in one afternoon – a stop was called that they might gather their dead . . brave brave Aussies . . .

Disease became a major killer – the Germans were still trying to ignite a Holy war . . . ‘Oscar von Neiderarm’, German spy, was closely involved, considering invading India. They were pawns in the [?Imederoms?] game.

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