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Hong Kong democracy activists are offering their umbrellas to rain-soaked police

H.K. is the 3rd largest financial centre after New York and London. I support the protesters and hope their aims and desires are followed – that the Chinese do not force only Chinese politicians to run in he upcoming election(s). The people of Hong Kong have for years proudly looked after and had control of […]

The 1st World War

Tuesday – on    <> World War I The Ottoman Empire was, unknown to most, virtually bankrupt; yet acted as an empire nevertheless. acting as though they had right to empire.   Local men still said prayers for the ‘incariss’ [sp?]   “I am returning to Constantinople – believing we shall still win our battle.” The […]

there is towne in north Ontario

Big birds flyin’  – across the sky – Baby – can you hear me now – the chains are locked n tied across the door . . .   Help-less, helpless; helpless, helpless . . . we are “What we – believe We Are ~

Away from Her . . . 2006- Julie Christie- Gordon Pincent.

Away form Her                                                                                       23-9-2014. ‘Away from Her’.  Yes, a movie, a movie of true depth and feeling and more . . but something more – one feels the feeling of ; especially, Gordon Pincent. Yes; we are in Nova Scotia; a special place that any who can should try to experience.  This movie was up […]

Native American Gardening: Buffalobird-Woman’s Guide to Traditional Methods, by Gilbert L. Wilson

Originally posted on Blogging for a Good Book:
Native American Gardening: Buffalobird-Woman’s Guide to Traditional Methods was first published in 1917 as Agriculture of the Hidatsa Indians: An Indian Interpretation and has been reprinted in numerous editions (and with slightly varying titles) in the following hundred years. This is not surprising because Buffalobird-Woman’s comments, interpretations and…

Propinquity –

Thursday – 18th-9-2014. Propinquity – word worth knowing. I would like to hope that most of us have experienced propinquity. There’s the Oxford; and there’s the way my friend explained . . . Patrick said “You know how sometimes you go somewhere, and you start to feel that someone else holds a same feeling, the […]

short . . . . . the killing floor . . .

. . . watching, for the numerous and more time, a part of Platoon. I consider that in my opinion to be one of if not the best movies portraying life on the killing floor. It draws me back to it every time I see it on ~ The Killing Floor. Oh, yeah; I was […]