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short . . . . . the killing floor . . .

. . . watching, for the numerous and more time, a part of Platoon. I consider that in my opinion to be one of if not the best movies portraying life on the killing floor. It draws me back to it every time I see it on ~ The Killing Floor. Oh, yeah; I was […]

Black Coffee ~ The Irresistable Bean . . .

Monday Evening- 15-9-2014. As in the program “Black Coffee” – ‘The Irresistible Bean’ – [2009] – after talking of coffee first grown in Ethiopia, beans then smuggled out under clothing to where it was taken to Yemen. From there, it then was grown and traded into Europe. The industrious Dutch then also found the way […]

introduce thyself – thee n me . . .

22:09 – 14-9-2014. Watching second part of “Waking the Dead.” One thing I like about this show is that each Sunday Part 2 continues after a short break from Part 1. That’s ‘handy’ . . . Moi . . . human. Old enough to have been thru lots of it; the good n the other […]

a Sunday later than Earlier . . .

20:27 – 14-9-2014. – Now- 21:17. Winding down. A day with time on computer, some sports. Watched the 1st ever Electric Auto Race from Beijing – boy, could they move, and a climactic ending – Out a couple times and then over for a good supper; what else,  – – – reading more of this […]